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Ladies at Court


This piece is taken from the panel ” The Sheaf of Corn the distaff descent”. Aoife, daughter of Mor O’ Toole and Dermot King of Leinster, was at fourteen, a beautiful girl. Though she had an older sister, it was the pretty blond child who was taken with her parents to meet Henry II in Aquitaine in 1167.

In this panel, the five great grand-daughters of Dermot MacMurrough, Mathilda, Aoibhe, Sibyl, Joan and Maud sit with their parents in a garden, singing and playing music, which their Father, no doubt had taught them. He had a fine voice and the songs would have been troubadour love songs, first heard by him in the Court of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Given the different traits and accomplishments inherited by the girls, theirs would be a civilising influence on their tough Norman husbands.


‘Each piece is unique , hand stitched over many hours by an individual volunteer stitcher. Therefore although some scenes are repeated, each interpretation is unique to the person who made the work.’ If an piece is out of stock it can be ordered, please contact  To be advised of a waiting period.


Stitched By Susan Synnott.

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