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St. Bridget

Panel: The Celts and Island of Fastness

Held in a misty obscure Island, uncontaminated by a Roman presence and undisturbed by other invasions, the Celtic world flourished. Languages, rituals, laws and sagas of a largely Eastern Origin adapted to the Western outpost to the extent that, even in the twelfth century A.D ancient beliefs could still colour Christian thought. This piece shows St. Bridget with her Cross on the door of Clonfert Cathedral evidence of the Celtic preoccupation with Sacred heads.

‘Each piece is unique , hand stitched over many hours by an individual volunteer stitcher. Therefore although some scenes are repeated, each interpretation is unique to the person who made the work.’If an piece is out of stock it can be ordered, please contact  to be advised of a waiting period.

Stitched by  Pat Brennan.