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St. Fintan

Panel: Gothic Glory. The build of the Parish Church of St. Mary’s in 1210.

The building of the Parish Church of St. Mary’s in 1210. Positioned high above the town and of unusually large dimensions, it was the grandest of the early Irish Gothic Churches. Its Cathedral like presence reflected the level of importance attached to the town itself. This panel shows scenes from the lives of the much revered early Wexford Saints, St. Ibar, St. Abban and St. Fintan. In this piece St. Fintan is shown using his wolves to guard his sheep while he studied.


‘Each piece is unique , hand stitched over many hours by an individual volunteer stitcher. Therefore although some scenes are repeated, each interpretation is unique to the person who made the work.’ If an piece is out of stock it can be ordered, please contact  To be advised of a waiting period.