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The Castle of Chepstow

This piece is taken from the panel ” The Marriage of Isabel de Clare and William Marshal”.

The daughters of Irish Chieftains and Norman Knights had been espoused before the momentous union between Aofie Mac Murrough and Strongbow, but rarely with so much at stake or  with such far-reaching consequences. To the marriage William brings but one small property, Cartmel in Lancashire, given to him by Henry II on William’s return from the crusades. William’s flag floats over the abbey he had built there, in memory of his mother. Then from left to right are portrayed the vast estates of his young bride. The Welsh properties, the Castle of Chepstow on the Wye, and the fortress of Goodrich were inherited from her father, of whom she was the sole heir.


‘Each piece is unique , hand stitched over many hours by an individual volunteer stitcher. Therefore although some scenes are repeated, each interpretation is unique to the person who made the work.’If an piece is out of stock it can be ordered, please contact  to be advised of a waiting period.

Out of Stock- Made to order.

Stitched By Anabela Branco.